Imperial Palace Banquet Hall

Terms & Conditions

Food service, quality, and sanitation are very important to us. Please be advised that any outside food or beverages must be provided by a licensed and certified company and that the product brought in must be inspected and approved by Imperial Palace Management. We absolutely do not allow any home-made goods to be served in our establishment for health concern purposes. We also do not allow guests to take left-over foods or beverages home, again for health concern purposes. Foods that have been cooked and held at room temperature can become hazardous if not properly cooled and cooked when later consumed.

Alcohol consumption is strictly supervised by Imperial Palace Management. Absolutely no persons under the age of 21 or without proper identification will be served alcoholic beverages. Anyone found to be serving a minor in our establishment will be asked to leave the premises. Also, any persons who are obviously intoxicated will no longer be served by any of our staff. We strongly recommend that any persons who are intoxicated and do not have a designated driver, to leave their vehicles overnight and Management can provide a taxi-cab to pick them up. We do not tow any vehicles on weekends or with advance notice from our guests.

Children are always welcomed to Imperial Palace Banquets. We recommend that all guests supervise their children. Servers carry hot food which can cause an accident if small children are running around, and there are other banquets and customers in the establishment that unruly children may interfere with and cause an inconvenience to. We do not have babysitters or security guards on the premise at all times, and we therefore recommend that children be carefully supervised especially outdoors where there may be hazards near water, near the forest, and in the parking lot where vehicles are driving. Please tell all guests to not allow their children to throw rocks in the waters or to not destroy any of the landscaping. It will be the parents and/or contracted person to be held responsible if any child or guest pulls a fire alarm without any emergency should the Fire Department bill Imperial Palace for a false alarm. This includes any 911 calls within our establishment and any damage to the grounds.

Smoking is allowed in our establishment at this time; however, it is completely the preference of our “guests of honor” to decide whether or not they wish to allow smoking in their contracted room. Any smokers who are in a requested non-smoking room are asked to step outside where ashtrays are provided. Too many smokers in our foyer cause the whole building to be clouded with smoke with possible fire hazards. Each of our rooms has excellent ventilation systems, so smoking by any bar is quite tolerable.

Animals of any kind, whether domestic or wild are forbidden inside the establishment. Only seeing-eye dogs for the vision-impaired will be allowed inside the premises accompanied by the owner and on a leash.

24 Hour Surveillance Cameras are recording and located throughout the premises inside and outside for the safety or our guests and our establishment.

Fights are strictly prohibited and any guests or employees that are seen in an obvious verbal or physical confrontation will be confronted by the Willow Springs Police Department. Imperial Palace Management and their staff are not allowed to get involved in such confrontations and reserve the right to call the Police Department if such an occurrence is witnessed.

Drugs. Any persons caught with illegal substances on Imperial Palace property will be prosecuted.

Our parking lot can hold many cars to accommodate a full house. However, should there be no parking spaces available; guests can park in neighboring lots provided the business is closed and not during operating hours. Imperial Palace is not responsible for any vehicles towed in neighboring lots or on our own property. Signs are clearly posted as to where the vehicles have been towed. Please be advised that handicap parking spaces are only for the vehicles with proper handicap license plates and may be ticketed. Any vehicles double parked or taking up more than one space may be ticketed or towed as well. Any persons caught vandalizing vehicles in our lot will be prosecuted. Imperial Palace is not responsible for damage or vandalism that may have occurred to vehicles in the parking lot.

Mother Nature. Due to unforeseen natural occurrences, Imperial Palace may not be able to control certain problems that may accompany these weather-related incidents and is not responsible should there be a power failure, or other condition that may inconvenience our guests. We will do everything possible to correct the problem as quickly as possible so that your event will go unharmed. We are unable to reimburse money paid due to a power outage that is beyond our control.

Inconsiderate Employees. Please let Imperial Palace Management know if you consider any employee to be a liability to our establishment due to rude or lude behavior, substance or alcohol abuse, etc. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

Outside Vendors must respect the terms and conditions of our establishment. For example, (video cameramen, photographers, bands, DJ’s, entertainers, decorators, service providers, wedding planners, etc.). Imperial Palace has the right to refuse any outside vendor that has caused problems or damage in the past or any vendors who clearly should be licensed or insured and do not have proof. Decorators must have proof of insurance; food or beverage providers must be licensed and certified; and all other vendors who must leave equipment or products without supervision must also be licensed and insured. Imperial Palace is not responsible for any hazards due to these items or missing items left in our facility before, during or after the event. Our stages in each room are all equipped for many electrical requirements that entertainers may have, however, please advise your entertainers to not overload the electrical outlets; otherwise there may be a power failure. Imperial Palace no longer allows outside chair cover and linen companies to decorate.

A Coat Room is provided with a coat room supervisor during cold days. Any items left in coat room without a supervisor is not the responsibility of Imperial Palace if the items are lost, stolen, or damaged. The coat room is not allowed for access without Management permission and allowance.

Outside Electric Marquis Sign. We will have your names on the marquis at different intervals throughout the day of your event. However, should there be a problem with the sign or a power outage, we cannot compensate for this unforeseen occurrence.

Contracts. Please go over your contract carefully so that there are no mistakes or misunderstandings. Word of mouth or a handshake is not a proper agreement and may cause unintentional misunderstandings during the event. Please be advised that the party must begin and end at your contracted time. Your room will be ready for access one half hour prior to your contracted time and open bars, music, etc. must end at your contracted ending time so that the hall can be vacated within one half hour. Please let all your vendors know this rule, especially musicians. Musicians who continue playing music after ending time will have the electric turned off which may damage equipment. Any payments still owed, must be paid in cash only on the same day. If any guests or vendors begin to arrive too early, they will be asked to leave the hall. Please remember that banquets can come along at the last moment and your hall is only guaranteed according to your contracted time and date. We cannot risk losing potential parties because of time-consuming decorating or guests or vendors who may want to arrive too early. At the end of your contracted time, the lights will be turned on and everything must end on time.

 Proper Attire. This is your day and your party and we are not opposed to most clothing attire, however we oppose any indecent or improper dress attire that may offend other guests. This is a respectful establishment and we hope that all guests understand what may or may not offend others.

Pictures may be taken during an event from Imperial Palace Management and may be posted on our website. We reserve the right to post any pictures or video within our establishment before, during or after an event. These pictures will be for advertisement purposes only.

Cancellation Policy. Should a cancellation be inevitable, please read your contract carefully for all the penalty charges. Dates cannot be changed without Management consent and written proof. All deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Imperial Palace is a family owned and operated establishment for 23 years and we value your business. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We want your event to be memorable and special and we ask only that you and your guests abide by the rules and conditions so that everything that day will be wonderful. Best wishes to all from Royalty Banquet Hall Inc. dba: Imperial Palace Banquets. We sincerely thank you for choosing to have your special event at our facility.